I'm Jon. I enjoy travel, food, people, wildlife, creating things, and learning.

I'm happiest when combining many of these things: eating with friends in a new place, discussing interesting topics.

In a previous life, I worked at O'Reilly Media, BEA Systems, Salesforce and Heroku.

Today, I work for TimeToTime.app.

Current Projects

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📓 Creating

TimeToTime is for learning history. It provides a way to optimally remember the dates of events, as well as their context, and the relationships between them. I lead the project.

🖊 Writing
Belief / Human Behaviour

We all believe different things about the world, and come to understand "truth" differently. I started out by trying to understand "why some folk are religious", but it seems to have broadened into researching "how we believe" instead. I'm currently researching this topic.

📓 Living

I've visited over 50 cities in the past three years, mostly in Europe, North America and Africa. Sometimes it's to see a place, eat the food and meet the people, and sometimes it's to go birding.

Blog Posts

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I sometimes take a camera along when I travel or go birding.

Imbabala Zambezi Safari LodgeZimbabwe

Meteora Greece

Sanbona Wildlife ReserveSouth Africa


You can find me at the following places on the web. If you want to drop me a line, please do so. I generally prefer email.